Sunday, January 1, 2012

Big Dreams and a Plan

Today is the day I have been waiting (procrastinating) for. I had two months to lose weight, strength train and have fun working out before I mentally was ready to start training for Ironman. I found that I need a structured plan. I did some swimming and even had a couple private swim lessons. I had a video analysis of my run from the Run Institute in Ann Arbor. I did some 5 and 10k races on the weekends. I had several strength training sessions with my friend and trainer Maria.  I did some home workout DVDs from Beach Body.   I zumba'd and yoga'd and ate way too much sugar! I think I had in my mind that I would start my training in January so I really just willy nilly did stuff the past couple of months. I didn't exactly stop exercising and eating well but I had no plan. I need a plan and I know that more than ever now! My waistline shows that loud and clear!!

So today is the day the plan begins. I have big dreams for 2012 and I am very excited to start with my plan in making that happen. No more willy nilly workouts. Training and coaching starts now! See my training here. I'm ready for a fantastic year of feeling stronger and better than I ever have in my life!

All I need to do is .....
1. Always follow the plan from Coach Bonnie.
2. Make time for restoration of my body with food, sleep, rest, yoga, stretching, hot tub, chiropractor, massage and foam roller.
3. Train hard when the plan says to go hard. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and learn to go fast.
4. Work on becoming a better morning person and do more morning workouts.
5. Treat food as fuel and fuel my body with super nutrients, ALWAYS. If it doesn't have value, don't put it in. It's that simple.

Lastly, I will work on time management so that I always have time for my loving supportive husband, family and friends! I need everyone on board with this crazy little dream of mine so I will do my best to work on saving time for others. But I need everyone to know IM is a priority for me this year. It is important to me. It WILL take a lot of time and resources to make this happen. Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life that support me in this decision and that will continue to be there and be cheerleaders for me along the way. I couldn't do it without the support. Most especially from Rob, the love of my life. (I love you Rob! And thank you for being you!)

Here's to a Happy Ironman Training Year to all my fellow triathletes doing the same, especially my new friend Jennifer who is also doing her first IM this year. We have one awesome year of training together!!!  Let's do this thing!

Happy New Year to All!!!!

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