Starting Weight - 189 (Oct 25, 2011)
Goal Race Weight - <155

More to come on weight management, weight goals....... when I think up what I want to put here.  I can say this though...

I don't really care so much about what the scale says.  The scale is the quickest easy way to monitor and track my body changes.  Of course I'm looking at clothing size, strength gains and fat loss.  I want to lose pounds so that I am lighter on my feet and my bike for training and for race day.  Every pound will make a difference in speed.  The lighter I am, the less impact on my body and the easier it will be to stay injury free.  So my motivation is not the fact that I can still pinch a hunk on my abdomen, or the wigglies on my inner thighs, or the jiggles in my outer thighs, or the bingo arms.... My motivation right now is I want the HEALTHIEST most fit body I can create so that I can compete and finish strong in one crazy Ironman!

For my Weight Watcher Friends

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