IronPics the making of an Ironman..... one must start somewhere....Here are a few random pics from this past year's races.  I'm gonna miss my friend Jackie as seen with me in pics below.  She has been my partner in training this past year for much of my running and most memorably, our first marathon together.  She's busy bringing a new life into this world but I'm sure will be back in no time to running and maybe even tri'ing again. 

Just glad it's over.  Race for Recovery Sprint 1 wk after 1st marathon!
Motor City Olympic Tri 2011 June, I really don't like running

Oh yeaahhh.... awesome winning cups for 2nd and 3rd at Willow Duathlon.

First Marathon pep talk with Coach Bonnie.  And pre-race pic with Jackie.
Trek Tri Sprint - 2nd place Athena group.... got a free race entry for 2012 for prize! Yay.
Corktown Detroit 5k
 Fraser Bike Shop - Team Green!  I look forward to training with all these fabulous athletes.

 It all started here.  Me and my pops at the end of my first tri, July 18, 2010.  Women's Trek Sprint Tri.  My time, 1:54.  And I was darn proud!

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