Monday, October 31, 2011

Work at Home Food Binge

There's nothing like keeping me honest than being honest to myself and whoever in the world takes the time to actually read this.  I have three days to get done some important state reporting that I really want to have completed BEFORE I leave for Florida at o'dark thirty Thursday morning.  So I'm stressed with everything to do.  Anyone who knows me knows how many trips I seem to go on and how much I despise packing!  It stresses me out like crazy. This reporting stuff stresses me.  So after a morning meeting I came home to work in solitude and get lots done.  I worked while stressed, home alone, with the kitchen footsteps away.  Bad combination.

I've played many a mind games today trying to STOP thinking about STUPID food.  I'm in the second week of a two week gentle cleanse.  I say gentle because it is not as restrictive as other ones I have used in the past.   I'm trying to eat very clean and wholesome and I always drink tons of water.  I went a few days without caffeine but have had a small cup the past couple of days......ok... honestly... the past four days.... but who's counting.

Here's my laundry list of food binge today, my eating for the sake of eating because I like food and I like to eat food....
  • Cofee w/ tablespoon foofoo cream
  • Apple with peanut butter
  • Shakeology shake (yum, trying to fill the chocolate craving)
  • Another Apple with more peanut butter
  • Salad w/ 2 oz chicken (loaded salad all veggies, no dressing, w/ avacado)
Here's where the munching came in:
  • 100 calorie granola bar (now trying to fill the munchies)
  • 1 serving of Pop Chips (that's all that was left and it might not have even been a full serving)
  • 1 small bite size super dark ghiradelli chocolate with pbutter on top (Yep...I'm on a peanut butter trip today)
  • 1 plum
Results of my binge food picking at the drugstore:
  • 1 halloween fun size milk chocolate hershey bar (not worth it and I actually stopped there!  I wished I wouldn't have eaten it but running out to buy that halloween candy was tough! I'm glad I ate only one here)  
  • 100 calorie pack smart pop popcorn
  • 2 sticks of Extra Dessert flavored gum 
Finally it was dinner time:
  • 1/2 c home made chicken soup w/ brown rice
  • 1 c cabbage soup
  • 3 halloween fun size kit kat bars (oops, one was worth it... turned into two... into three....then I yelled to my husband and told on myself so he'd come hide the candy)
  • 1 c green tea 
  • (Okay, I snuck in two more fun size kit kat bars before giving the candy up)
So here's the great thing about trying to pay attention to every morsel being put in the mouth EVEN during a binge day.....I'm PAYING attention and making the best of the worst choices.  I feel like I've been eating all day.  Probably because I have.  Today was not the greatest day for eating but I will get right back on track tomorrow.  That's all I can do is keep getting back on track over and over again until I get it right.  I think I'm getting closer to getting it right though.  I just gave the left over bag of candy to my hubby to hide and hold onto.  I know my limitations and my weaknesses.  I just can't put the stuff around me.  Period.

The night is not over.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I have time to work off what I did.  YES, that is what I will do now.  My work will wait.  I will go WORK off those kit kats.  And my new day tomorrow I will feed my body nutritious healthy fuel all day long and nothing else!  :)

Eat well and stay strong everyone.

PS....Extra Mint Chocolate Chip Gum is AWESOME!  Too bad it has fake sugar...but it's still good.

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  1. Great job on being accountable for what you ate! Paying attention can be hard when we are so stressed out. Rally caps on, get the work done and let's get on this journey! :-) Florida ain't seen nothin' yet.