My loving husband Rob!!!!  
He is always there for me and ALWAYS there to support me in whatever way I need it.  THANK YOU to my awesome husband who has put up with all my crazy rituals as I've turned my lifestyle around.  I think its just begun as I make this commitment to my IM training this year.  So again, I am THANKING YOU now for what I know you will be doing for me over the next year Rob!  I can't tell you how much it means to have you by my side on this journey.  I love you dearly more than you know!
Enough mushy mushy.

Here is me and the love of my life at my very first ever tri in July of 2012.

I need each and every family, friend, colleague and co-worker to be here for me and support me in my dream! 

I may have to say no when you ask me to go out.  I will be a sleep snob because I am too old to begin this kind of journey without my recovery sleep.  I will have to put my training schedule at the forefront of my priorities so please understand and do not try to coerce me into breaking my plan. Help me find ways to keep up with my plan when life happens.

Use this comment section below to offer me your support, wisdom, good luck, advice, or whatever you want!  But only comment here if you are behind me 100% in this endeavor.  I want to see who my supporters are!  I need supporters to fall back on when I am tired and not feeling up to sticking to my plan.  I need supporters to cheer me on.  I need supporters to tell me I can do it when I feel like I want to collapse of exhaustion.  I will be training long and hard.  This is my priority for 2012.  I'm not fast.  I'm not young.  But by golly, I will do this because I CAN!  Your support means the world to me.  So go ahead.... chime in here and let me know you will be my supporter too!


  1. You are my hero........we are so proud of all your accomplishments in the last couple years. I know you'll set, achieve and exceed many of your new goals. Love you, Mom

  2. WOW! The world better watch out because Annelise is on the move and don't get in her way. We know you will be there to compete and set new goals. Cancer survivor to Iron Woman, amazing. Love Jimbo